Pafos Transport Organization Ltd

In July 2010, OSYPA Ltd. (Paphos Transport Organization) took over Paphos City Buses (A.LE.PA) which had been operating since 1980. OSYPA has acquired new and modern buses, hired new and highly skilled and professional staff and participates in the new government programme of Public Transport. The bus service is running every day and covers the Paphos District. Ticket prices, bus time tables and schedules can be found on our website, tourist infomation offices or at our main bus stations. Paphos Transport Organization has three main bus stations in paphos town, kato paphos and Polis.

Ruslan Travel Ltd

In 1980 we begun a challenging voyage and since then, our enthusiasm and vision remain alive and active in our quest to provide transportation and agency services to both local population and tourists. Our voyage was exciting and full of breakthroughs. We plan to continue in the future, in the same manner, with new breakthroughs still to come! It all begun with ALEPA, which was the provider of public transportation in the Paphos area and which gave its place to OSYPA in 2010, after winning a 10 years contract from Cyprus Government and join cooperation with European Union, providing city transport services. We are proud to say that we, as the trustee of the Government in the Paphos area, have managed to modernize our fleet and upgraded our staff and services, so that we can meet and exceed clients’ expectations. After our successful operation transport service, it was only natural we should expand to provide in tourism services with the opening of Ruslan Travel.

Dario Advertising

Our company offers the most efficient and professional Moving Outdoor Campaigns to our customers operating throughout Paphos. We have the exclusivity of the advertising and promotion of all buses of the Paphos Transport Organization. The company is specializing in the revolutionary moving outdoor arena with focus on Outdoor Moving Bus Advertising and the Bus Advertising Services of Ticketing Advertising, Bus TV-Screen advertising spots, Bus FREE Paphos Map and bus FREE Route Booklet.